What’s the ABLE Act?

After the Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act was passed by Congress in December of 2014, people with eligible disabilities could finally save for their everyday needs, invest in a tax-free account, and prepare for the future without losing their state or federal benefits. 

What’s the Washington State ABLE Savings Plan?

After years of work by disability advocates, Congress passed the ABLE law, and the Washington State legislature established the Washington State ABLE Savings Plan as a way to save for qualified disability expenses, invest for the future, and keep the benefits you rely on every day. This unique program provides eligible residents and their families the resources, support, and services to reach their financial goals.

Our mission is to empower everyone with an eligible disability to make decisions with their money, which can positively impact their health, independence, and quality of life, and help them prepare for whatever the future may bring.